Top Soil & Green Waste Dropoff


Contractors Blend Fill Dirt

Fill dirt contains topsoil, but it also contains rocky subsoil and lots of other material in a mixture without a guaranteed composition or quality. When farmland, woods or old roadbeds are cleared, the materials, organic or not, all go into the same pile. Our fill contains minimal amounts of organic material as to not allow for eventual settling due to decomposition. Our fill provides the substance to level depressions and contour berms. Findlay Warehousing utilizes leftovers from construction projects and subsoil of retention ponds. Contractors use fill dirt to raise grades and contour lawns before applying a better grade topsoil for plantings.

Pulverized Topsoil

Topsoil is a nutrient-rich layer of the first 4 to 12 inches of Earth’s covering that supports the roots of a variety of plant roots. High grade topsoil contains nitrogen, carbon and other nutrients. It is friable enough for easy drainage. Topsoil retains moisture. Topsoil allows some penetration of light and air. We pulverize our topsoil for ease of use as contractors top dress lawns and planting areas for optimal plant growth in residential and commercial green spaces.

Screened Compost

We collect green waste and convert it into compost. Our efforts improve the structure of the soil. Our process of green waste grinding and mixing produces a rich, organic material which improves plant growth, encourages deeper root systems for plants and reduces the risk of soil borne diseases. Our final, screened compost is an ideal amendment for improving lawns, gardens and planting beds.


Public Green Waste Drop-Off

Findlay Warehousing Composting turns your organic matter into beneficial products such as compost or mulch. Our finished compost can return nutrients to the soil or be used in residential landscaping projects. We mix our topsoil and composted materials.

Yard waste organic materials must be placed in bulk form or in biodegradable paper bags, including:
• Brush, Branches and Tree Trimmings
• Grass Clippings
• Mixed Yard Waste
• Christmas Trees
• Stumps (No Root Balls)
• Shrubbery / Pruning
• Leaves
• Bulking Agents
• Leaves
• Garden Soil and Sod


Findlay Warehousing Composting is proud of keeping organic materials out of our local landfill. Disposing organic components in the landfill release large amounts of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, due to anaerobic decomposition. Recycling or composting yard trimmings reduces greenhouse gas emissions and conserves landfill space.

Yard trimmings, leaves, brush and other organic materials contain nutrients that can be returned to the soil and benefit plants. Similar to aluminum, cardboard, glass and other recyclables, green waste should be disposed of properly so that the valuable resources contained in them are not lost.

Private residents and local businesses may drop off green waste to Findlay Warehousing Composting. Our facility will grind, mix and then compost yard trimmings into a beneficial soil amendment or chip materials into mulch. Green waste management is far less expensive than taking the materials to a landfill. Save money – green material disposal fees are on average 30% lower than landfill fees.

Finished compost may also be purchased at Findlay Warehousing Composting if it is needed for the home or business landscapes. This helps conserve valuable nutrients, which can become soil amendments for another growing cycle. Preserve landfill space for items that truly can’t be recycled, reused or re-purposed.

Help Hancock County achieve waste reduction goals.