About Us

Capabilities & Servicing the Customer

  • Customer service is a well-spoken internal message for all company employees. We feel that if we do not provide a customized, high level of service to all our customers, then someone else will try to do it. We use that message to drive us to ensure that all customers, big or small, get treated like our highest priority customer.The long-term employees of Findlay Warehousing possess knowledge and high level of professionalism – enabling us to examine the needs of customers/ prospective customers, formulate a plan and make things happen! Through our years of experience and modernized systems we can be the SOLID LINK IN YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN!

Company History

  • Findlay Warehousing history begins with company founder Richard Ruehle who acquired Findlay Truck Line and started Findlay Cartage in 1969.  While running only transportation services, in the mid 1980’s there was a need for warehousing space and services in the Findlay, Ohio area. This need for warehousing spawned a property acquisition, and thus the birth of what was later to be named “Findlay Warehousing.”Ruehle’s team and their unwavering commitment to the customer has transformed this humble entrance into warehousing of an initial 16,000 square foot, old brick building into nearly a million square feet of warehouse space today.